Ultegra R8000 series

There’s a thousand ways to every goal

Some people say it doesn’t matter which path you take, as long as you arrive at your destination. But you know better than that. Riding is not about a destination. It’s about being on the road, whether that road is smoothly paved or full of potholes and cracks. It’s about tackling mountains and steep grades, with a sense of awe for the accomplishments of body and bike. And it’s about sharing that awe with friends – or savouring it alone. So yes, it truly matters which choices you make. Because in the end, they determine how far you will go. On your ride. Your route. Your Ultegra.



The new Ultegra groupset adds to the performance of the bike, as well as its looks. The stunning, integrated design will leave you breathless. The seamlessly integrated components will give you the best riding experience ever.

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Upload an image of yourself and the route you ride to make your own #myUltegra poster. Post it to your social channels using the hashtag #myUltegra and send us your submission to participate in the SHARE & WIN competition. You might be the winner of a brand new Ultegra groupset – or one of the new Ultegra jerseys! Get started with your first photo by clicking the blue button below. 


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